Employment linked trainings CIDCO conducts employment linked trainings for project affected people (PAPs). These trainings are conducted as per market requirements and to provide employment opportunity and skill enhancement. End measured output from the trainings is a gainful employment. Keeping in view the requirement of industry and also the unemployed youth in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO has identified few agencies which provide employment linked skill trainings to the youth in the age group of 18-35 years.

Methodology Methodology followed is activity based interactive learning which includes audio & video sessions, chart preparation, role plays, songs and team games which will build an overall learning inclination in the youth and help them focus on further studies at later point in their careers.

Eligibility criteria Eligibility criteria for youth to undergo the course are:
  1. Candidate must belong to PAP village
  2. Candidate must be above 18 years and preferably below 35 years
  3. Candidate must have PAP award number
  4. Willing to travel for employment

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