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CIDCO endeavours to rehabilitate and streamline affected communities and propel growth of the local people by engaging them in sustainable livelihood opportunities. The Organisation intends to extend its outreach to every house hold in villages affected in the vicinity of the Airport and other Project Affected Areas (PAP).

CIDCO, through its CSR deeds, intends to bridge the evident skills gap of individuals in the PAP and by working in a socially and environmentally responsible manner prudently impact communities around their operational areas.

In pursuance to its CSR initiative, CIDCO formulated a Sub-committee through which IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Limited (IL&FS Skills) has been shortlisted to act as an anchor agency for implementation of the CSR initiative of CIDCO in Navi Mumbai and Thane district. The primary and sole objective of the anchor agency is to develop and initiate an implementation plan for enhanced /new livelihood opportunities for the PAPs in 103 Project Affected Villages of CIDCO.

IL&FS Skills is one of the key and the highly valued skills training organizations in the country, having trained approx. 7,00,000 persons under placement linked training programmes across various trades. The Organization aims to contribute significantly to the overall target of skilling / up skilling 500 million people in India by 2022, mainly by fostering private sector initiatives in skill development programmes and providing funding for the same. The Skills training offerings by IL&FS Skills are designed with the objective of setting benchmarks in the field of short-term placement linked training and strengthening the local community based livelihood opportunities through the self-employment model. The training programs are delivered through an inimitable standardized value chain, inclusive of employers, community, learner & trainers, are apace with the global standards for Skills training.

In partnership with CIDCO, IL&FS Skills envisions empowering unemployed youth, women, local artisans,SHG , etc. by implementing/facilitating various skills development and entrepreneurial development interventions for sustainable livelihood generation, inclusive growth of every individual of the project area . IL&FS Skills is responsible for linking/facilitating the skill development and education need of every individual and thereby mainstreaming their livelihood opportunities, both in terms of wage employment and self-employment.

The training is imparted based on a youth's competencies and aspirations, aligned to growing industry needs of the State as well as the country. The anchor agency is foreseen to be responsible for overall implementation and monitoring of the project. The agency further will partner with various stakeholders to attain an impactful outcome.

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