Self Employment

Self Employment Program for Fisherwomen
It has been long realized that the fisherwomen have been a very hardworking lot; with their day starting at 4:00 am and finishing in late morning as well as some of them sell their fish till evenings.
CIDCO, through its team of social workers / consultants made an in-depth study and surveyed about 150 fisherwomen and their families from villages of Kombadbhuje and Ganeshpuri, to know about,
  1. The value chain from point of purchase to point of sale
  2. The hardships and expenses involved in sale of fish
  3. Requirements for up-scaling and upgrading their sale of fish.
It was realized that the fisherwomen worked individually and were disorganized. Hence, as a first step it was decided to bring them together in the form of society so that they could run their business in a systematic manner.
Hence, on 13th March 2014, a meeting was organized for the fisherwomen of Kombadbhuje village to explain the advantages of working together. 107 fisherwomen from Kombadbhuje village attended the meeting.
The fisherwomen from Kombadbhuje are now organized into a society which is named as 'Girija Aai Prakalpgrastha Mahila Matsya Vyavsai Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit' - Kombadbhuje.
A tripartite MOU between CIDCO, MSAMB and Fisherwomen society shall be entered to execute the program in the systematic manner by following all the norms of Maharashtra Government. Initially to start with 10 to 20 big societies shall be identified to sell the fish which can extend to identify the fix spots near to market, railway stations, etc.
CIDCO in collaboration with MSAMB is planning to allot one vehicle per village which can accommodate two fisherwomen from the depot to sell the fish in the societies. Fisherwomen shall pay an amount of Rs.100 per head per day for utilizing the services. The society shall take the responsibility of accommodating the fisherwomen in the mobile vending van on rotation basis and MSAMB shall take care of all the required logistics and day to day activities to run the activity smoothly.

Self Employment Program for Baara Balutedar
CIDCO has initiated the survey in all the PAP villages in coordination with TISS representatives to study and understand the existing occupations of Baara Balutedars. The artisans found in the villages at present are
  • Cobbler and making/selling of footwear
  • Carpenter and making of furniture
  • Blacksmith
  • Kirana Shops
  • Barber
  • Potter
  • Tailor
  • Broom Making
  • Dhobi/Laundry/Dry Cleaners
The team will also research the availabilities of schemes and with the government and private training institutes and finance giving institutes/banks. Finance could be made available for any up-gradation and up-scaling of their existing activities. CIDCO had started the first training programme for Kirana shop owners from villages Ganeshpuri and Kombadbhuje on 23rd April 2014 with in partnership with M/s. LabourNet and Godrej and similarly all the existing balutedars will be trained to upscale their business and increase their income.

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