Vision Statement

Mr. Bhushan Gagarani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, CIDCO

Navi Mumbai is expanding its horizons like never before. Whenever new age infrastructure for Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, telecommunication, culture or the environment- Navi Mumbai has it all.

Mrs. Prajakta Lavangare Varma, Joint Managing Director, CIDCO

CIDCO has always factored in the development of PAPs in its all developmental initiatives. It has been CIDCO's endeavour that the PAPs don't lose touch with their native place and are provided with self-employment and employment opportunities here.

With all the developmental work, the Corporation always cared for PAPs are well-equipped to manage the challenges of a modern city. CIDCO since its inception has launched many schemes for the welfare of PAPs. Through the Institute, CIDCO aims to provide quality training to the youths and women of the PAP's families, to help them boost the chances of employment and self-employment.

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